12 Months of Frugality

In 2017 I am embarking on an unprecedented 12-month money saving mission so that in 2018 J and I can depart on our first long-term travel adventure – a year in SE Asia! This is pretty daunting (and I’m so afraid to fail!), but to help keep myself on track, document lessons learned, and hopefully show others that it’s possible, I will be making monthly posts on this page. My goal is to save a minimum of £8,500, which is £654 over the 13 months.

In case you’re wondering, I’m living in London (very high cost of living) and making a modest salary (I’m only a few years out of grad school and am very much at the bottom of the career ladder). Until last month, I didn’t actually believe it was possible to squeeze out £200 per month in savings, let alone over £600.

But after taking a close look with the assistance of my budgeting program YNAB (You Need A Budget), I saw that lots of things could be cut out (like eating out, drinks, and the fitness membership I pay for every month but do not actually use). This savings rate IS indeed possible, but will require lots of self control and keeping my eye on the prize. But an entire year of exploring SE Asia is certainly worth one year of minimalism and simplicity! It’s all about priorities, isn’t it?

Stay tuned…


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