A scenic photo tour of the Scottish Highlands

I would’ve kept delaying visiting Scotland if it wasn’t for my friend E! I think because Scotland feels so close to my current home (London), I’ve taken visiting it a bit for granted. Later, later…I can always go there…later. However, E was passing through Europe from the US, and we had the perfect opportunity to meet up somewhere nearby, and we decided to make it Edinburgh!

We were based in Edinburgh for 3 nights (a long weekend in January), and on the Sunday we ventured out for a day-long Loch Ness, Glencoe & The Highlands bus tour around the highlands.

Man, was it worth it!

This is our tour bus route.

It was still dark when we left Edinburgh at 8AM and I was planning to snooze a little bit. But the increasingly gorgeous views out the window simply did not allow it! It was the perfect opportunity, as well, to stare out the window and think super deep thoughts (one of my favourite past times). 😉

We made 5 stops along the way, including spending a few hours at Loch Ness. Here are some photographic highlights, which I think speak for themselves!

At our first stop we got some coffee and enjoyed it with a view!
Learning about local beasts :).
Our trusty little tour bus.
Parts of Sky Fall were filmed somewhere around here. Although, apparently, the house doesn’t actually exist!
We got to pet deer and feed them biscuits.



Ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the landscape at one of the tour stops.





Waiting to board a boat that would take us around Loch Ness.
The boat was actually pretty swanky, with a full bar that stocked Nessie-themed beer!
See Nessie anywhere?


Anyway, this tour was total perfection! Going in January, according to our guide, was really key. He said August is high season, and there are stampedes of tourists, so you can’t get that serene feel we absolutely loved. This was also the weekend I finally got my awesome new camera and had a lot of fun testing it out with Scotland as a backdrop.


4 thoughts on “A scenic photo tour of the Scottish Highlands

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  1. Thanks for taking me back to Scotland. I have been there a few times and just love the country. Did you go to the island of Sky? Could very much recommend it.
    I am very tempted by the Orkney islands in the north as well.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. We didn’t make it to Skye unfortunately, but I just googled some photos, and WOW! Adding it to my never-ending list. I’m increasingly realising there are so many breath-taking places just under my nose here around the UK! Thanks for the kind comment :).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes there are. I have been to the UK many times and I am in love with the countryside and the history. You guys just have it all.
        Check out Skye next time, it is gorgeous.


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