Where do the women of London shop?!

I’ve lived in the UK for 3.5 years now and still have so much trouble shopping. Doesn’t it seem impossible to find normal, professional and classic-style clothes that suit you without dishing out basically your entire paycheck each time? It is a game of extremes. You either have to settle for flimsy, cheap, mass produced, sweatshop-made clothes for women in their early 20’s (like H&M, etc) OR you must pay £150+ per item of clothing at places like Reiss and Hobbs. The latter, I guess is more targeted towards professional women who make a crapload of money. What about someone who is 30? Who isn’t running a corporation yet (haha),  but also doesn’t want to wear £7 tops?!

As a result of this conundrum, I’be been avoiding updating my wardrobe for a while. But as time passes and I realise how little options I have in my closet for professional events or meetings, or even to wear something that actually represents my style and who I am trying to be – I’m getting more and more desperate to find some new clothes that I love (and can afford).

A few weeks ago I finally made a determined and hopeful outing to Westfield (a massive shopping centre), but even in stores where things are more affordable (Mango and the like), there were just a bunch of frilly, flimsy ‘I’m going to the beach’ clothes. Who needs beach clothes in London!? Even in late June it’s rainy and chilly. This is a very similar experience to about a year ago – when I spent 4 hours at Westfield trying to find a very simple black dress to wear to an interview – and I couldn’t find ANYTHING that was suitable. And it wasn’t even because of bad luck with sizes and stock…there literally weren’t any simple black business dresses. Anywhere. In a massive mall.

So the hunt for my ‘go-to’ clothing shops continues… In the meantime I’ve had some luck with Hobbs, via one of their online sales, where I scored these four dresses for about 40-50% off (I’ve been deprived for so long, I had to have all four!). I ordered online and guessed my size, which usually backfires, but fashion gods decided to be kind and the size was right on!

Have you had this problem in London?



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