Preparing for the London winter

These days the greyness in London is starting to set in, things are feeling a little bit colder, and I am starting to not feel like doing much at all. This morning when my alarm went off it was still pitch black outside, and it felt so cold outside the snugness of my comforter. Luckily I work from home most of the week, and this morning I was spared a rude, cold awakening. I took my time, until I felt bored brave enough to get my day started, slowly.

Winter feelings.

This isn’t my first trip around the block of the English winter. I’ve been there and done that, and generally have found that I tend to want to do nothing. Although this is sort of ok with me – I appreciate different seasons and moods, and think it’s healthy to slow down – I also want to make the season a bit more joyful. As a result, I’ve been exploring a few different methods, some with greater success than others.

A few weeks ago I purchased a light alarm clock that simulates the sunrise on those very dark, cold mornings. The idea is that the light wakes you up naturally, and the brightness of it [in theory] puts you in a better mood. I’ve been trialling it, and to be honest, I’m not sure it really does much. It has succeeded at waking me up several times solely with its light, which is quite bright and pleasant, but I’m stubborn and usually turn over and go right back to sleep. I guess that’s not the lamp’s fault. However, despite its inability to make me more energetic during winter mornings, it is still a pretty cool bedside lamp, especially its dimming features which create a very cozy, hygge-like atmosphere.

Here it is, in action.

I’ve been considering getting a proper SAD lamp (in particular I’ve been eyeing this one). But given that I don’t actually think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and that it’s quite expensive, and also – do these things really work?! – I think I’ll wait until I feel desperate and in the depths of actual winter to decide whether I need it.

I’ve also been longingly reviewing catalogues with cozy bedding, comfy sweaters, candles, and anything else that looks particularly snuggly, especially anything from The White Company, a personal favorite. In fact, today, while working downstairs in our office space, I got inspired and lit a few candles, put on some classical music on Spotify, and it created a really nice atmosphere and actually lifted my mood! Although I cannot justify spending hundreds of pounds on fancy White Company deco, I did take the plunge and ordered LOTS of new socks to appease myself a bit ;).


If you have any tips for enjoying a cold, dark winter, please share below!


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