Rwanda in Photos: Posh restaurants, markets, hiking and a mine (yes, seriously)

In September I was very lucky to spend 3 whole weeks in Rwanda, on a work trip. Last time I had been there was in 2015 and I already wrote my naive impressions of the country in this post.

But this time I was equipped with my favorite camera and really enjoyed pretending to be a legit photographer when I wasn’t doing my day job of hopping around  mine sites and pretending to know things about mining :).

I learned a lot about Rwanda’s politics and culture this time, as well, so my impressions have definitely evolved. This trip also ended up gifting me a mild, kind of upsetting, although not life threatening #metoo moment, if you know what I mean. But I’ll write about that serious topic later.

For now, here are some beautiful Rwandan sights, so that you will want to visit this gorgeous country, too!

Dinner time view from the restaurant on the 4th floor of the Mille Collines Hotel (yes, the famous one!)
Desert at said hotel :).
Snapped this during our 1-hour long walk to the Genocide Museum. Typical street view. Did you notice the name of that Saloon?
This was snapped about a 3 minute walk from the Genocide Museum. A view of the central Town area, which occupies its own, personal hill.
Taking a break for lunch at an Italian restaurant (Sole Luna).
We popped into a very busy market!


Just trying to be artsy with the spices.
Snapped while out Sunday morning with a local hiking group.
The living conditions are very basic, but holy jesus, check out those views! Also, kids were everywhere, but I felt SO weird photographing them, as I feel it’s kind of wrong. So I didn’t get any of those shots. Because I don’t want to be a poverty tourist.
Miners’ ‘getons’ – a system to keep track of who is in the mine at any given time.
Washing wolframite. Some of this will likely end up in your electronic devices!
This view is straight from a mine site. Did you ever think mining could look this good?
This is in Northern Rwanda, almost at the border with Uganda. Again, view from a mine site. Not too shabby.

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