Can companies ruin happiness for us?

When I begin to think of how many of my deeply held beliefs and life expectations exist solely because of clever marketing - I can't help but feel a bit conned and even a little nauseous. Think about it. Brands and marketing companies work very hard to make us want their products, of course, but… Continue reading Can companies ruin happiness for us?

Is there such a thing as ‘global citizen’?

In August after my 11th birthday my life changed drastically. It was sort of, cut in half. And it has taken me until my mid- to late twenties to begin reconciling it and finding a place in my present for my past. Until that August, I was a wholly Russian kid. I had just finished my 4th year… Continue reading Is there such a thing as ‘global citizen’?

On self-determination and defining my own life path

Everyone has been banging on about how horrible 2016 had been. And they're not wrong  - Brexit and Trump, all in one year? As an American living in the UK I felt double-wronged. And not just in a theoretical, ideological kind of way. The pound value plummet was, indeed, very real and bad news for my US student… Continue reading On self-determination and defining my own life path

Personal history: How I ended up on the other side of the pond

I didn't always dream of moving outside of the US on any kind of long-term basis, or see any particular need to. I grew up in a small city in southern US without much international exposure. My family didn't have the extra money for international travel and so it wasn't really on my radar growing up.… Continue reading Personal history: How I ended up on the other side of the pond

Our minimalist, hygge London wedding

At the end of November, after just a 3-month engagement, J and I got married! We had a small, no fuss wedding, and absolutely loved it. I would recommend this to anyone who might feel the pressure to organise a huge wedding but secretly loathes the idea. There is too much expectation to put on a… Continue reading Our minimalist, hygge London wedding