Preparing for the London winter

These days the greyness in London is starting to set in, things are feeling a little bit colder, and I am starting to not feel like doing much at all. This morning when my alarm went off it was still pitch black outside, and it felt so cold outside the snugness of my comforter. Luckily... Continue Reading →


How do you measure a decade?

About this time 10 years ago, I was a naive, unaware, unsuspecting, inexperienced 20 year old who was about to go live in France by herself for 8 whole months. I was silently terrified when I landed in Charles de Gaulle Airport, finding myself unable to even independently navigate out of the airport and clinging... Continue Reading →

Where do the women of London shop?!

I've lived in the UK for 3.5 years now and still have so much trouble shopping. Doesn't it seem impossible to find normal, professional and classic-style clothes that suit you without dishing out basically your entire paycheck each time? It is a game of extremes. You either have to settle for flimsy, cheap, mass produced,... Continue Reading →

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