Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar & Gobi Desert

March was a very busy travel month. When it rains, it pours, as they say. But in this case, in a really great, adventurous way. Over 2-week-long back-to-back trips, with just a 2-night break back in London, my job took me to Johannesburg, South Africa, Windhoek, Namibia, and a few parts of Mongolia. London to Ulaanbaatar Getting to Mongolia… Continue reading Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar & Gobi Desert

Thirty-six hours in Jakarta

After surviving several long-haul flights and a 12-hour layover in Dubai, C and I booked it straight for the Aston Pluit hotel, which felt SO LAVISH given how exhausted we were. The breakfast in this place especially rocked. In fact, the spicy, flavourful meals we got to have in Indonesia remain one of the major highlights of the trip several years later.

A scenic photo tour of the Scottish Highlands

I would've kept delaying visiting Scotland if it wasn't for my friend E! I think because Scotland feels so close to my current home (London), I've taken visiting it a bit for granted. Later, later...I can always go there...later. However, E was passing through Europe from the US, and we had the perfect opportunity to meet up… Continue reading A scenic photo tour of the Scottish Highlands

Our rainy honeymoon in Iceland

I really love the idea of going to a cold climate for a honeymoon! Maybe it's because of my Russian roots, or because an Icelandic honeymoon seems less conventional than one spent in a beach paradise - and I love doing as much as possible differently from convention these days ;). As long as you invest in proper… Continue reading Our rainy honeymoon in Iceland

What we spent on 8 days in Iceland

It is commonly known that Iceland is pretty expensive - £20 bowl of soup type of expensive. So because of this, and because it is 2017 and J and I want to spend our money more thoughtfully so we can travel more, we did something we hadn't done before. We created a detailed budget for this trip,… Continue reading What we spent on 8 days in Iceland

Nine things about Rwanda I can’t forget

Thanks to my (mostly) amazing job, I took two 2-week trips to Kigali, Rwanda in 2015. I am a bit ashamed to admit that at the time I wouldn't have ever voluntarily chosen Rwanda as a travel destination. In fact, the whole continent scared me a little bit (or a lot). And I also knew nothing… Continue reading Nine things about Rwanda I can’t forget

Seven things you might experience in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

J and I don't like to be like most people, so in the run-up to our wedding we had TWO pre-honey moons! They were nothing lavish, just two very inexpensive weekend getaways prompted by cheap flights we found through Skyscanner. One of them was to Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Europe's oldest inhabited city. However, to be honest,… Continue reading Seven things you might experience in Plovdiv, Bulgaria